Global Engineering RAP

University of Colorado Boulder

Comunidad, Globalización, Tecnología informática


The Global Engineering RAP is a community which helps you to practice and improve your language skills (primarily Spanish, French and Russian plus 10 other languages) while focusing on global politics, engineering projects and IT-driven intercultural communications.

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A Message from Faculty Director Diane Sieber
As Faculty Director of the Global Engineering Residential Academic Program CU, I invite you to consider whether living in a community which helps you to practice and improve your foreign language skills while focusing on global engineering projects and IT-driven intercultural communication matches your life and career goals.
Esta comunidad nos proporciona la oportunidad de vivir la ingeniería global, de aprender el vocabulario técnico de varios campos de especialización y de aprender a comunicarnos con colaboradores internacionales en proyectos técnicos mediante tecnologías informáticas emergentes.
Diane E. Sieber, Ph.D. Faculty Director, Global Engineering Program Faculty-in-Residence, Kittredge Central Global Engineering

After looking at our website, please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you might have, and I will get back to you quickly:

In addition to science and math proficiency, we are also looking for students who
kittredge-central The new Kittredge Central residence hall, just minutes on foot from the Engineering Center, opened in August 2013. Global Engineering RAP members and the faculty director and her family live here. flyer2015-1